Why hello there! I thought I would start this blog off with an introduction of who we are and why we are awesome. 🙂

We are two 20-somethings living in the beautiful country of South Africa. We are both addicted to caffeine and love having a glass (or two) of wine with dinner. Speaking of dinner, we love to cook and obviously we love to eat.

I am completing my master’s degree in child therapy and ProteaGroom is a consultant for a gold mine. I enjoy reading, doing anything crafty and anything to do with paper and typography! ProteaGroom really likes motorcycles and anything with an engine that he can take apart, really!

We had been dating for four years when ProteaGroom asked me to marry him. So now we are planning a beautiful wedding to celebrate our love for each other in the presence of all our loved ones! We are planning a traditional South African wedding interspersed with a few modern and unconventional touches.

I am sharing my inspiration, plans and plenty of DIY projects with you in the hopes that it can inspire you for your own big day!

I am looking forward to sharing this special planning journey with you.

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  1. Congrats on the wedding!


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