The Proposal

I love surprises. Like, irrationally love surprises. If every meal I eat could be a surprise, I would be in heaven. 🙂

Naturally, my biggest requirement for the proposal was that it be a complete surprise. I have a way of sniffing out waiting surprises, and this posed ProteaGroom with some challenges. I must say, he handled it all like a trooper, and (spoiler alert) I was VERY surprised at the proposal! 🙂

We had talked at length about getting married at some point in the future, and it was something that both of us were very excited about, but ultimately, we decided that we weren’t financially ready at the time. We both had many things we wanted to accomplish, and we knew there would always be time to get married. What’s the rush? (Incidentally, we used the same argument when we were first deciding to start dating or not. That didn’t last!)

The day ProteaGroom proposed was a typical Saturday for us. We slept in a bit, had coffee and snacks in bed and browsed the internet. We visited a mall and had lunch outside.

At one point, he even asked me what I wanted for my upcoming birthday, and I said ‘a ring’. As soon as I said the words, I felt so bad at pressurising him to do something we had decided we would wait for, that I swore to myself I wouldn’t mention getting engaged again and give it time. Hah!

We then had a lovely lunch and headed home. On the way home, he told me that his best friend (also known as Best Man C) wanted to go have a few drinks, and asked if I would be fine with it. Usually when ProteaGroom and BM C gets together for a ‘few’ drinks, it ends up being a late night, but he swore they would only have one and he would be back. I said that was fine and decided I would just relax at home. So as things go, I ended up napping on the couch.

In the mean time, he had rushed to the jeweller to pick up my custom engagement ring that he commissioned a few weeks before and to my parents’ house to ask for their blessing. He had to wait until the last possible minute to ask them, because they are incapable of keeping secrets!

When he got home, he woke me up by calling me outside to have a look at the plants BM C gave him for our garden. When I got outside, he was holding a huge bunch of flowers and I was surprised but still did not expect anything. I took the flowers and was marvelling at how beautiful they were, and the next moment he was on one knee and holding a ring box. I was completely surprised and floored and immediately I started crying. I absolutely couldn’t believe it!

I looked into his eyes while he said the most beautiful words about how much he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me. There was a slight pause in which he looked at me expectantly, and I knew he wanted me to say ‘yes!’… But, he hadn’t yet asked the question to which I would have to reply yes. So through my tears, I started laughing, and I told him: “You have to ask the question!” He also laughed and said “Will you marry me?” and I, of course, replied “YES!!!”

I then noticed that he had set up a blanket with champagne and glasses on our lawn. We popped the champagne and cuddled on the blanket while we both admired the beautifully sparkly ring on my finger. It suited my personality and style perfectly and I couldn’t have picked something better by myself!

After a while of cuddling, we started to call all our friends and family to share the big news. Everyone was very happy for us, and it was a special moment to be able to announce it to them.

That evening, we went out to dinner and I refused to take my ring off. I even kept waking up at night and looking at the ring on my bedside table. 😉

For me, the fact that I was completely surprised made our proposal extra special. What made your proposal extra special? Am I the only one who loves surprises?

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