Finding the Right Venue – Part 1

For me, the logical first step of wedding planning was to find a venue. All those wedding websites and magazines that give you those handy dandy timelines (I’m being sarcastic here – I hate those timelines) say that the first step is picking a date and then finding a venue and other suppliers, but for me it just makes sense to pick a venue and have everything else flow from there.

So a few weeks after getting engaged, we set off to find the perfect wedding venue. We had a few non-negotiable points:

  • The venue should have facilities for the ceremony and reception. Neither ProteaGroom nor I was fond of the idea of travelling to another location after a church ceremony.
  • Either the ceremony or reception (or both!) should take place outside.
  • The venue should be within a 50km radius from where we live.

ProteaGroom suggested the perfect venue for our wedding. One of his uncles owns a beautiful farm, with stunning views and lots of open space to host a wedding. It is literally a blank canvas. The bride part of my brain started practically salivating at the idea of all the amazing decor we could implement.


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We started to research this idea, but soon realized that in order to execute this successfully; it would take a lot of planning, effort and money. I also realized that the stress related to planning a wedding completely from scratch would cause me to go absolutely crazy a few days before the big day. So, the idea of a DIY farm wedding was nixed fairly quickly.

We looked around at other popular venues in our area. They were beautiful, but the atmosphere and set-up was so far removed from what we were looking for, that none of them sold us.

We’ve been to many weddings held at these venues, and we were looking for something a bit more unique than the typically cookie-cutter South African wedding.

I was beginning to think we would have to settle on something that just didn’t represent us as a couple.

Did you find your dream venue easily? Do you hate cliffhangers as much as I do?

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