Let’s Jump Right In…

After taking a few days to adjust to the beautiful sparkly that now adorned my ring finger, we jumped right into wedding planning. We discussed the vision each of us had for our perfect day, and we set off to combine those ideas.

We both love nature and being outdoors, so one of our requirements was that all or part of the wedding needed to take place outdoors. In the same vein, we love summer and hate winter, so we wanted our wedding to take place under the warm summer sun.


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Drawing our inspiration again from nature (and my favourite colour) we decided on a rough colour scheme of khaki, cream, light green and dark green.

1 colourscheme

We decided that we wanted to incorporate lots of handmade touches to make our day special and reflect us as a couple, so we compiled a list of projects we wanted to do ourselves.


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And then, I took to Pinterest and started pinning like a beast.


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Even though our wedding was nowhere near ‘planned’ at this point, at least we had a vision to guide us as we set off to start booking vendors and tackle DIY projects.

Did you sit down with your fiancé and decide on the look and feel of your wedding before starting to plan?